Landscape Design

“Creating usable garden spaces for living and entertaining which are less time consuming to maintain”

Nick is a Landscape Designer with more than 30 years experience in agriculture and horticulture and has a deep understanding of land management and the interrelationship of soils and climate with growing plants.

He incorporates his artistic vision, experience and ideas, based on an understanding of natural processes, into the design of sustainable naturalistic styled gardens that are ‘wildlife-friendly’ and creates usable garden spaces for both living and entertaining which are less time consuming to maintain.

His Landscape design experience ranges from small city courtyards to large country gardens and he is a Member of the Australian Institute of Landscape Designers and Managers (AILDM).

Landscape Designs are developed through a three step process:

Step 1 - Landscape On-Site Consultation

An initial onsite design consultation is held to discuss your vision and ideas for the outdoor space. The consultation may take between 60 and 90 minutes while we explore with you various design options and discuss your budget and time scales for the project.

Following the consultation, a design brief and fee proposal for the development of a Landscape Plan will be prepared.

Step 2 - Landscape Design Concept Plan

The purpose of the Concept Plan is to provide a clear visual image and feel for what the garden will look like.

Upon acceptance of the fee proposal, we will undertake a  site assessment and document all relevant landscape design information.  A current plan or survey of your property is required at this stage.

Based on the design brief, we will prepare a scaled, two dimensional full colour Concept Plan, detailing the proposed landscape design and structural elements, including some plant and material suggestion.


Step 3 - Landscape Construction Documentation

We also offer recommendations of Licensed Landscape Contractors who are members of the Landscape Contractors Association (LCA) and offer supervision of the construction phase.

After further consultation and confirmation of the Concept Design, a final Landscape Master Plan will be prepared. This plan will be to scale, show finished levels of surfaces and structures, contain elevations and sections of built elements, plant location and names, lighting details and so on.

The set of drawings to be undertaken will depend on the individual site and the scope of the design but will provide sufficient detail for a competent Landscape Contractor to provide a quotation.